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Welcome to our Ci Photo Gallery. We have found one of the best ways to help folks understand our unique camp experiences is to tell the story in photos. Here you will find young people who love God and enjoy learning about His creation via hands-on STEM activities and apologetics teaching. Each summer we create an exciting, high energy program using a different science theme. We label each summer using traditional software terminology - Ci 1.0, Ci 2.0, etc. Here's an overview of the summers camps with themes and major STEM activities for each.


Ci 1.0 General Overview of STEM: Robotics

  • Tower BuildingPhysics Zip-line Adventure, RoboticsGeocaching

Ci 2.0 Biomimicry Theme: STEM in Biology

  • Fingerprinting, Biological CodesTechnological Codes, Egg Drop 

Ci 3.0 Energy Theme: What is energy, where does it come from and how it works

  • Marshmallow Catapult, Chemical Energy, Energy TheaterSolar Ovens 

Ci 4.0 Space Exploration Theme: Plan a trip to Mars

  • Microbes in Space, Satellites, Bridge on MarsLaunch Windows 

Ci 5.0 Earth Science Theme: Our Dominion

  • Global WarmingIce AgeFossilsPlasticsWavesEarthquakesProcess of CO2 and Ocean Acidification

Camp Infinity’s mission is to inspire students to explore how science and technology integrate with a creation apologetics worldview, preparing them to explain and defend their faith and succeed in their STEM education and in their future careers. Visit our website for more information about our summer & year round camps. 

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